We believe that everyone has the right to be active, feel safe and breathe clean air in their local neighbourhoods. 

Poorly maintained streets, inadequate safe crossing points and congested streets make it difficult for people to walk their everyday journeys. And poor streets are a significant problem for disabled people, people with young families and older people.  

Over the last 100 years Living Streets led these major achievements to make streets safer: Zebra crossings. Urban speed limits. The driving test. Our current work in action: 

  • Campaigning during this important election year, calling for increased investment in the walk to school. 
  • Listening to the needs of communities to support them to call for safer streets. 
  • Undertaking research to demonstrate the economic and social value of investment in walking environments. 
  • Continued campaigning work to ensure we see an end to pavement parking across the UK 

Small steps = big outcomes   
£1 invested in our schools work delivers £5 in health, air quality, carbon and traffic reduction benefits.  

Our successes

Living Streets Scotland’s pavement parking campaign  
In 2023 Scotland became the first UK nation to introduce a ban on pavement parking after a long campaign from Living Streets Scotland and our supporters.  We will now work with local authorities  to ensure the ban is implemented properly, avoiding mass exemptions and ensuring enforcement plans are in place. We want all nations to tackle the issue of pavement parking, helping to make pavements safe and accessible for all. 

Volunteer campaign success  
With our network of Local Groups we are innovating change across the UK. We are supporting volunteers to lead walks within their communities, campaign for  walking friendly neighbourhoods and make streets more accessible. We are listening to and working with those most underrepresented in the transport sector, to ensure neighbourhood improvements reflect the needs of all. 

20mph speed limit in Wales 
Living Streets Cymru celebrated the national roll out of a default 20mph speed limit on residential streets across the nation in 2023. It is estimated that the move will save 6-10 lives every year, result in 40% fewer collisions and prevent up to 2,000 people being injured. Living Streets Cymru was a key part of the Welsh Government task force group that made this change a reality.  

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With your support we can support volunteers, groups, communities and staff located across the UK to be the voice for pedestrians.  Together we can improve our streets and get more people walking, reducing road deaths and congestion, improving health and air quality, and boosting our economy.    

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