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Waiting too long for the green man?
Ask your council to fix your local crossing

Too many pedestrian crossings make us wait too long to cross the road.

Is there a crossing near you where you must wait more than 30 seconds to cross? Research shows that after waiting 30 seconds for a green signal, pedestrians start taking risks and crossing while traffic is moving.

Hanging about in cold or wet weather next to a busy road doesn’t just add time to our trip. It impacts on the safety, convenience and accessibility of our journeys.

Creating a better crossing experience will help people walk more of their everyday journeys. That's why Living Streets is calling for no more than 30 seconds pedestrian wait time at signalised crossings.

So take a moment and use this simple tool to ask your council to improve a local crossing.

1. First, provide some details so we can work out who your councillors are

2. Next, tell us the location of a crossing that you find takes too long to offer a green signal to pedestrians

Just put the street or junction name.