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No more stalling on Pavement Parking

Let's #ReclaimOurPavements in England

Just over a year ago, the Department for Transport (DfT) held a consultation on introducing a default ban on pavement parking in England.

It was a consultation Living Streets had fought for generations to win, and one more than 7,500 of our supporters responded to.

Since then... nothing. So now we would like to know what the DfT is going to do next, and here's how you can help us.

Living Streets and our allies have written an open letter to the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, urging them to publish the results of its consultation and get England's ban back on track.

Will you please send your MP a tweet letting them know the news, and urging them to help get the wheels back in motion.

"I don't use Twitter"

Live in England?
Send a tweet to your MP

We have prepared a tweet for you to send which you can see and amend on the next page.

First we need some details from you.


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